Reach out, seek Peace.


Today I’d like to tell you about a picture that has become important to me, and that is really inspiring.

On the picture, you can see Dirk Willems, a dutch Anabaptist, saving his persecutor, as he is about to drown as the ice broke beneath him.

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My God can take it!

Or, let’s communicate and place our trust in God instead of beating each other up – a meditation on Psalm 139.

Psalm 139 is a beautiful text, a well-known Psalm with touching words. I can’t remember the number of times I have seen words of this text used on cards announcing the birth of a child… and yet… there are some verses at the end of the Psalm which can seem odd, or even offend us and which bring a certain number of problems with them.

When thinking of Psalm 139, most of us probably think of those beautiful verses saying “14 I thank you because I am awesomely made, wonderfully; your works are wonders — I know this very well. 15 My bones were not hidden from you when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. 16 Your eyes could see me as an embryo, but in your book all my days were already written; my days had been shaped before any of them existed.”

Have you ever seen your reflection in a mirror, in moment when you weren’t expecting it? For example in a mirror in a shopping mall, in a window, or maybe on the surface of a body of water? What was your reaction? Were you content, surprised, or even annoyed?

A mirror confronts us with ourselves, and with the image that we have of ourselves. Different from photos, the mirror shows us our flaws – we see ourselves the way we are.

It confronts us: What do I look like? How do others see me? Who am I really, after all?

Some like seeing themselves in a mirror, some rare people admire themselves, and others are rather quite often discontent with what they see. I have to admit that quite often, I count myself to be in the last category – but I am learning to see and love myself the way I am.

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India under water
Niger under water
Houston under water
Syria shattered
white supremacy and racism on the rise
thousands homeless and hungry
refugees without homes
millions left without care

and you say you are the victim?

and yet you attack
you bully
you swoop down like a bird of prey
using the name of God

on a community already marginalized
already struggling
to bring hurt
to bring shame
to exclude and condemn

Who are you to judge,
to send to hell,
to draw a line in the sand,
to embrace Herod
instead of calling him out?

My Bible is not yours,
or we do not have the same eyes
and the same heart

My God is not yours,
or we do not have the same heart
and the same hands

My Jesus is not yours,
or we do not have the same hands
and the same feet

For my God
created ALL mankind in his image,
right as they are,
with dignity, wonderfully & precious

For my Jesus
did not draw lines in the sand in the form of creeds
to exclude an entire population
My Jesus had open arms
he walked with ALL,
and welcomed ALL,
restored the dignity of those who had been marginalized
engendered hope and not despair
brought life and not death,
he came to end violence and not perpetuate it

ALL are called to lives
holy, fulfilling, pleasing to God
in harmony with God’s plan for us
ALL invited into redemption through Christ

Nobody is rejected
from God’s loving embrace
because of their sexuality
or gender identity

For my God says:
I alone know the plans
I have for you,
plans to bring you prosperity
and not disaster,
plans to bring about the future
you hope for.


Love for All, Hatred for No-one!

I admit, I have never experienced anything like what has happened in Charlottesville, but I know and have experienced what hatred looks and feels like.

Throughout many years of my school life, every day, day in day out, I was afraid to go to school. Why? My mother was white, but my father was black.

For some reason, there were those who thought it was fun (for them) to call me ‘nigger’ every day, to say ‘uncle Sam, came and clean my house, carry my bags, clean my shoes, eat my leftovers’.

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To different people, Freedom means different things.

For some, it may be the absence of all rules.

I’ve been going through a lot of changes and thinking recently, so that I can say that for me, at the moment, freedom means to be free to think and believe what I believe to be true and just, without being weighed down by fear of guilt and hell, and to accept myself, love myself, embrace myself and to be (become) who I am.

Now that may sound a whole lot selfish – it is all about me. But in the light of what I’ve been through and have experienced, it is a big step.

I spent 7 years in what I’d qualify as an abusive Christian environment with a manipulative and abusive leadership, and today I find a lot of their teachings questionable. When I left there, I was about 19 years old – today I am 41 years old. It took me many years to heal, and I am still digesting certain issues – I mentioned some of it here #ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear.

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Take flight


Sometimes I wonder what it is like to fly from flower to flower. For them, it is hard work.

For me, I like to gather new ideas and knowledge everywhere: from books, from situations, from people I meet; people who are different from, from different faiths and cultures. Why would I be afraid? I like learning, and confronting my faith to someone who thinks differently can only enrich me.

Picture: Reconvilier/BE, Switzerland



I love small things. I love watching the bees and bumblebees and others being all busy in the flowers and plants, grass and trees and… from far away, there only seem to be plants and trees. But if you look closer, there is so much happening: a small world within a world, another miracle of daily life.

Picture: Reconvilier/BE, Switzerland