Curry with Tofu & green Beans

Wondering what I could make for lunch today, I thought that it’s been a long time that I didn’t have any tofu. What I like about tofu is that you can literally do anything you want with it, and it gives you lot of protein. Not eating much meat (almost none), I have to watch my protein intake. And being quite tired today, this dish was fast & easy – just the right thing!

For one person you’ll need:

80g Tofu

100g fresh green beans

15g spelt flour

50ml soy cream

120ml water

A little bit of oil

Spices: 1ts curry powder (madras if you like it spicy), salt to taste, ground garlic, turmeric, ¼ ts ground ginger, 1/8 ts sugar, 1/8 ts apple vinegar

30g brown rice

Check how long your rice needs to be cooked; my whole grain rice needed 50 mins so I started with it way before starting with the rest.

Wash your beans, cut the ends off and cut them into halves. Cut the tofu into dices. Put the oil into your sauce pan and stir fry the tofu for 3 minutes. Add the beans and stir fry for another minute or two. Add a little bit of water, lower the heat, put a lid on and let it simmer for about 15 minutes.

Put your flour, the spices, the sugar, vinegar and the water into a shaker. Shake well until all is dissolved (and of you use one of those closed Tupperware shakers, make sure it doesn’t explode into your face by opening it every other moment…). Add the mixture to your tofu and beans, let it heat and watch it thicken whilst keeping stirring. Add the soy cream. Approx. 320 cals.

Voilà, Bon appétit!



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